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Cinram International was a Toronto, Canada-based manufacturer of pre-recorded Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, CD-Audio, CD-ROMs, VHS tapes, and audio cassettes. It is an affiliate of the Arizona-based Najafi Companies.

A former Printing & Maintenance Manager describes working at Cinram International as a Bad Place to work, in a review posted by INDEED: They are going under do not work there if you do get out now they will not give you anything to stay and will work you like a dog and then get rid of you.


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Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"As a team lead i looked over 11 operators loading boxes onto trailers from from to back.It was an automated sort driven by the as400.When trailers where full i would also get out in the yard and shift trailers."

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"You clock in and the managers told you where you were working for the day. i learned what it was like to work in a sweat shop. management was horrible the supervisors would give you a job then they would disappear for hours even long after the job was finished if you had a question they couldnt answer it and some of them would sexually harass the workers to the point the workers would quit because upper management turned a blind eye. the hardest part of the job was trying to move slow cause no one else could keep up i enjoyed nothing about this job it was horrible im glad they were bought out."

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"Unfair to Americans place is not clean and unhealthy . Pay is unfair . American don’t get the same treatment as others working for Cinram hire. There lead people talk to other employees like they are nobody, some people came to work with a good work habits. Others cone with bad habits and the supervisors protect them.InsurancePay"

Kommissioniererin (Former Employee) says

"Jetzige avos reine chaos,entlässt Mitarbeiter danach holt er zurückGarkeineAlles, löhne nie rechtzeitig da"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This place has since been shut down since my employment. There was way too much socializing and not enough working - not shocked it shut down. Pay was good and so were the benfits"

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"I didn't like working for Cinram. It was a lot of Mexicans and so there was a lot of Spanish used as a first language which I did not understand. I would not recommend.NothingShort breaks"

QA and Lineman (Former Employee) says

"When they were open they were a good company to work for. They are closed down now. you had opportunity to work overtime but it wasn't all the time. It was fast paced and you stayed busy. They are closed down now!!!"

Laborer/Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"This job consisted of standing in one spot for 12 hours, 4 days a week. Talking on line was not allowed. Listening to music was prohibited. People there were genuinely mean peopleNoneEmployment with this company"

Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"This place is horrible they cater to Mexicans most don't even look old enough to be working the leaders have nasty attitudes it's called thotsville for a reason if you ever get stuck there it will suck the life out of youYou get paidNone"


"I worked several positions, from Material handler, to Floor Coordinator on nights, to Material handler, to Material Control Technician on days. The Floor Coordinator position I was over my own department, but by myself. I received in product for production and I would put it into reserved locations, until needed for process. I would key out the product and take to the assembly lines that need it. I would order more materials when needed for the floor. The last position I held there was Material Control Technician. I worked with a team mate. We receive in material and locate it in the racks in the warehouse and keyed it in on AS400 inventory system. When needed we locate and pull to the floor for processing.Inventory, self managing, heavy equipment experience.Company was going down hill, because of management."

PRODDUCTION TEAM LEAD (Former Employee) says

"i didn't like working there you didn't get your hours management is the worst one, you can't move up. and the once that work hard make them work harder and you can't move upnothing freehot in summer time and cold in winter, no heat"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Cinram is a 12 hour a day job, 5 days a week. You're overworked under paid and the management do not treat you like a human being, they will add extra hours without any real notice and they expect too much out of you. You don't feel secure as there is constantly talk of Cinram closing down or cutting down on staff. Don't expect much of a social life as you will work 12hrs a day, go home at the weekend, sleep all day from exhaustion and you'll have to go to bed early the next night, so your weekend will amount to sleeping half of saturday, being awake in the evening, being awake half of sunday and going to bed early in the evening. Also, Cinram hires mostly Polish, Lithuanian, Portuguese and Romanians. I have no problem with this, but if you're English and enjoy conversing with your fellow colleagues, don't expect much talk as they usually stick to their respective groups and you'll end up spending 12hrs in total silence. If you're looking to advance, there isn't much opportunity to go anywhere in cinram either. I'd recommend Cinram to people who are desperate for work, but I'd also warn them it isn't a good place to be honsest, I cant think of social life, overworked, underpaid, treated like dirt, incredibly lonley."

Packer/Shipper (Former Employee) says

"Hard work & long hours,but only got to work two or 3 days a week :(hoursshort break, not enough days or Pay"

Cinram/Epsco Pesonnel (Current Employee) says

"don't work for this temp place they will tell u one thing a do another and that's not cool in my ideal work place just sayingblabla"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"I learned to work in a fast paced environment on an assembly line.Fast pace work environment.temporay job"

Machine Operation (Former Employee) says

"*12 hour shifts with pay under $9.00. *12 hour shifts with only (2) 15 min. break and (1) 30 min. lunch. *Employees show up whenever they want to. *Exercised other workers job tasks with same pay rate."

Accessories Manager (Former Employee) says

"What I learned is that being in a manager position is definalely a struggle with one intregrity. On one hand you want to do the right thing for the employee and on the other hand you have to be an ambassador of the company. It was a life struggle to figure it all out and also a time of awakening. I did understand coming from supervisor to manager what my manager had to deal with day to day and overcome.coats and jackets for all employees kids on christmasupper management style"

Team Leader (Current Employee) says

"set up a line to process product, managing 8 to 10 people.People are very diffferent.Not very educated or professional.They are hard workers that don't receive much respect.Watching employees be disrepected and treated badly leagal employees and our jobs as American be given away due to low wages and no reqirement of benifits.Making through the day and at least have a job in this econmy.e toinsurance benifitslow wages, no retirement or 41k plan that matches, not a very professinal environment."

Stocker (Former Employee) says

"I dont like this job and wouldnt recommend it to no one i would not go back and work fo rd them i did not receive any raise the whole time i was there"

Material Handler/Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"I was hired through a temp agency but the pay was extremely low and the hours were insane. The management was poor and the favoritism and nepotism was insane. A terrible place to work period.Nothing comes to mindPoor management, favoritism, low pay and long hours"

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